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About me

Name: Bas van der Poel
Nickname: Maestro
Born: 5th of March 1981
Place: Voorburg, The Netherlands

I am a Dutch photographer with a passion for the beauty of decay.

I explore the normally unseen or off-limit parts of urban areas or industrial facilities to take pictures of the beauty of natural decay, before they are trashed, demolished or renovated. These buildings can be hospitals, castles, manors, industrial buildings or private houses. Mostly the buildings are not freely accessible and visiting them is often dangerous. Locations have nicknames, information about these locations will not be given! The reason for this is to protect these often monumental buildings from vandalism. I do not destroy anything or take anything with me. The golden rule is:
“Leave nothing but Footprints, Take nothing but Photos”.

Best Regards,
Bas van der Poel


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